8793402467_ab9aa09ec5_mToday, securing a good, well­ paying job requires the hands­ on skills and technical training that can take you to the top of your field.

At our unionized state­ of­ the ­art training centers across the state you’ll attend classes, participate in labs while receiving on­ the­ job training in four to five­ year programs in your choice of nine different rewarding career paths. Not only will you receive the very best possible education and training you need to succeed, as an apprentice you’ll earn up to fifteen dollars an hour plus benefits while you learn– up to twenty seven dollars an hour plus benefits as a journeyman—and best of all, you’ll graduate with no tuition debt.

Union Sheet Metal Workers earn double the income of the average construction worker, while over 80 percent of the construction contractors and shop owners operating in the sheet metal industry today began their careers as a union sheet metal apprentice. Famous icons such as the New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square and the flame atop the Statue of Liberty were fabricated and installed by SMART members. Locally, SMART workers have assisted in the development of the BMW plant in Greenville, projects for the Medical University of South Carolina, and the VC Summers Nuclear Power station to name a few.

The modern sheet metal industry has a serious need for more skilled and highly motivated workers. New apprentices get on the job training in conjunction with classroom learning. This combination provides you with an apprenticeship that not only teaches you new occupational skills, but it also arms you with the latest and most cutting edge technology and tools that will take you wherever you want to go.

To learn more about the apprenticeship program and its selection process, please CLICK HERE.

Become a Member

To become a member you must submit a completed application. Applications are accepted year-round. Applicants will meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Applicants must have reliable transportation.
  • Applicants must have a valid drivers license or state-issued identification card.
  • Applicants must have a social security card or birth certificate.

Journeyman need 6 years of documentable experience in the trade, and must possess sheet metal hand tools.

Apprentice applicants must provide High School Diploma or GED. For more information about becoming an apprentice, please CLICK HERE.

You must indicate on the application the position you’re applying for. Descriptions below.

smart_flo_chartPre-Apprentice: This is an entry-level applicant that is hired on a probationary basis for a minimum of 3-months. This applicant generally has no experience, and may be unsure of a career path. Pre-Apprentices earn a wage, but do not receive benefits during the probationary period. The applicant can maintain a Pre-Apprentice status for up to one year, after which they will either become eligible to enter the apprenticeship program or will be designated as a classified worker. Pre-Apprentices are given priority placement into the apprenticeship program.

Apprentice: An Apprentice is an applicant who qualifies and registers into a formal Department of Labor (DOL) training program. The applicant may have little or no experience in the sheet metal trade. The Apprentice applicant agrees to attend training on the job and in the classroom to become a Journeyman. Apprentices are selected into the program based on qualifications, interview, and skill assessment. The Apprentice receives a graduated wage and benefit package that increases as they progress through the 4-year program.

Classified Worker: A Classified Worker is an applicant that does not have the skillset to be a Journeyman and either does not wish to enter the apprenticeship program or does not possess the qualifications to do so. An example might be an entry-level applicant who does not have a high school diploma or GED, or an applicant with some trade experience who is noncommittal to a career in the trades. After a 3-month probationary period, Classified Workers receive limited benefits.

Provisional Journeyman: A Provisional Journeyman is an applicant that does not have the skillset of a Journeyman but does have a specific skill applicable to the trade. A common example is someone skilled at welding but not in the sheet metal trade. Provisional Journeymen are compensated with the same wage and benefit package as a Journeyman but must demonstrate proficiency in a specific skill. The Provisional Journeyman applicant must agree to attend additional training to become a Journeyman.

Journeyman: A Journeyman is a skilled tradesman that can demonstrate proficiency in multiple aspects of the trade. A Journeyman must have a minimum of 6 years of documentable work experience in the sheet metal trade. A Journeyman must be capable of performing jobs from start to finish including coordinating and directing others. A Journeyman must be able to read, interpret, and apply blueprints & job specifications to complete projects with minimal supervision.



How to apply:

  • In person at the North Charleston Business Office.
  • Contact our Business Office you may receive an application via US mail, fax, EMAIL
  • Click HERE to download an application. Once you have filled out the application please mail it to the address below or email to


Mail application to:

Sheet Metal Workers Local 399

5453 Paulson St.

North Charleston SC 29406

Office (843) 554-­4418

Fax (843) 554­-5499