Market Share

Definition/explanation –

“What does that mean to us as a Union?”

Essentially, it refers to the amount of potential work that is available and in demand. So, if we do not control this work/jobs in demand (selling OUR labor), a non union worker or contractor will consume it and take OUR SHARE (market share).

“So what?! That doesn’t effect me!”

Well…yes, yes it does. If local 399 loses (market share) work to non union workers, NOT ONLY do we lose THAT particular work, no one negotiated a benefits package. Now if the work is done with LESS qualified people and the word WILL travel that it the can be done cheaper…..

Now, we all know how that can be disastrous to our bottom line, we deserve a quality of life that is fair and safe to work in. If a non union worker is willing to stand ALONE to except table scraps, who will want to hire a worker standing TOGETHER in solidarity willing to only except a full plate?

Per Capita

” I here it used a lot at the meetings, don’t really know what it means”

Per capita definition –

Essentially it means per person/head counted. If you needed EVERY individual counted…. you would do it Per Capita.


” Say what?”

Capital definition –

Essentially, capital in the context of a business sense, means money invested into a business/project.


” I’m familiar with it. “

Expenditure definition –

Basically you are spending money/time/energy on a thing.

If at anytime a member is in need of more terms explained, please feel free to contact the hall and someone will message me ( Marcus Vickers) to add it.

Understanding these terms helps us all with the betterment of building a better brotherhood/sisterhood in the hall

I believe you should tell the story of injustices, of inequalities, of bad conditions, so that the people as a whole in this country really face the problems that people who are pushed to the point of striking know all about, but others know practically nothing about.

CIO Convention, 1943

-Eleanor Roosevelt-