Last night, (Sept. 9), several topics where covered concerning the immediate future of 399. The discussion/motions made could only be heard and debated by being present at the meeting.

These topics are in no particular order,

1) A member of the Railway union, a SMART local, visited and encouraged us all to register to vote with labor unions in mind, his message, “our unionized future is at stake”.

2) South Carolina Sheet Metal work across the state is growing and journeymen are in need.

3) Member requested shirts/hats/stickers.

4) Further changes to the out of work list as to help rectify members refusing to man their territory.

5) Update on apprentices advancement.

6) Modification to the New Ellenton training facility as to rectify a shipping/receiving problem do to a neighbors decision to move a fence.

We ALL benefit from your participation when attending any meeting, we can NOT grow and progress into the future without your input and time donated to the hall. The next opportunity for you to help is October 1st, 8:00pm at the New Ellenton Training Center. Will you help or continue to ignore your brothers and sisters?