On October 7th, several topics where covered concerning the immediate future of 399. The discussion/motions made could only be heard and debated by being present at the meeting.

These topics are in no particular order,

1) The plan to attain workers and keep them on the job was given further clarification

2) Update on JATC operations and apprenticeship advancement and members are advancing towards helping the hall with the help of volunteers

3) An update was given on all jobs currently in the state

4) Update from all stewards present and current contracts

5) An update on the further impact of COVID to the hall and the family’s that have suffered a loss of a loved one

6) A strong and sincere urge was given to reconsider not being vaccinated

7) Information on masks for South Carolina schools was given further clarification

We ALL benefit from your participation when attending any meeting, we can NOT grow and progress into the future without your input and time donated to the hall. The next opportunity for you to help is November 4th, at 8:00 pm at the Charleston Training Center. Will you help or continue to ignore your brothers and sisters?

Additional and equally important information

The PRO act is still on going and in need of desperate attention. Please read it and be more informed, we all deserve to work safely, securely and fairly. Our wages and benefits would be HALF or less than what they are now if we were not unionized. A link to the bill is here https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/842

Sadly this effort from you is not enough, we all still need to make a call to the senators of South Carolina and tell them that being a right to work state is directly conflicted with workers who wish to organize for a better future. This link https://www.senate.gov/states/SC/intro.htm will help you find the contact info need to DEMAND a better future for us all.